Privacy Policy

Seattle Auto realizes that much like a questionable car dealership, the internet can be a scary place. We want to let you know first and foremost that we value your privacy.

Web Privacy

When you visit Seattle Auto, we collect anonymous information that helps us understand our traffic better. These items can include:

  • Browser information
  • Pages visited
  • Connection address (IP)

This information is aggregated through our own web server as well as a third party, Google Analytics. At no time do we cross reference IP addresses or any other funny business to identify individual users.

Seattle Auto also provides third-party advertising on our site (otherwise we would be poor). These advertisers at times set cookies or pixel trackers that are out of our control. When possible, we do take the time to remove those pesky pixel trackers, but on occasion, they do slip by. If you have a problem with cookies, we recommend you delete your cookies or set them to expire at the end of your browsing session.

Form and Submission Privacy

Seattle Auto provides forms on it’s website,, that may be submitted by users. These are most often found on our car inventory pages, but not necessarily limited to those pages. In the event that a visitor fills out one of these forms, we will pass along your information to the appropriate parties so that they may contact you back. We will never sell your information to a non-related third party provider or engage in spam. You hate spam, we hate spam – everyone hates spam.

Email Privacy

In the event that you email or ask us a question, we reserve the right publish your question on our site if we think it will benefit our readers. Before we do that though, we will always ask your permission to publish your name (but not email or other contact information), as that is just common courtesy.

Please note that any and all email you send to us will be stored and archived on our email servers.

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